Archons generally fit into one of the three following groups:

The Karassans

The followers of Karassa are diametrically opposed to the Creator. They see Him as a tyrant whose propaganda is not to be followed. Unable to harm Him directly, they go after His subjects, taking down other archons and the created world, at times even fighting each other. Karassans are at times brutal and ruthless, at other times deceitful and manipulative, but regardless they are a force that dominates the oceans and is making significant headway into land.

The Expectant

The world has been broken since the fall of Karassa and the Creator is now distant where once he was close. An entire generation of archons has arisen that has never walked with the Creator and known Him personally.

But the expectant anticipate His renewing of all things. It is said that He will return, judge the faithful and the faithless, and institute a way for all to be in right relationship with Him.

The Gods

The third generation of archons has never known the Creator, and many say that being never existed, the prior generations simply made Him up. Others say the Creator is another archon like them, and if they grow in power they might eventually eclipse Him. These archons call themselves the gods, and seek the worship and power as if they were themselves like the Creator. Most of the third generation of archons style themselves gods.

The GenerationsEdit

First GenerationEdit

The first generation of archons were made directly by the Creator, and are the most powerful and removed from society.


Archon of leadership, power, order, strength, the sky, knowledge, birds, law, storms, the heavens, the four winds, justice, civilization, study, the sciences, language, the races, and priests.

Aquillus is the leader of the gods and has always sworn loyalty to the Creator. He is reputed to be the strongest of the archons and has made it his mission to


Archon of mercy, fresh water, families, rain, fertility, medicine, magic, growth, protection, freshwater creatures, wisdom, defense, second thoughts, fertility, beauty, and prosperity.

Adara is the wife of Aquillus and is, along with her husbands, among the least to succumb to Karassa's temptations. She has chosen to heal those involved in the fight against Karassa as well as heal those harmed by the conflict.


Archon of the seas, salt water, corruption, evil, cruelty, selfless evil, hatred, poison, the undead, rebellion, ocean storms, lies, darkness, and pain.

Karassa is a fallen archon, and with her fall her nature and what she governs has changed from her initial calling. Or at least Adara and Aquillus say so. Karassa maintains she is being who she was created to be, and that she does what she must in a struggle against a Creator who will only allow His story to be told, and bears no disagreement.


Archon of the land, earth, life, fruitfulness, labor, merriment, nature, history, determination, diligence, all land-dwelling beings aside from the races, parties, development, sleep, force, and skill.

Karassa killed Kenalo, and after she did so the earth cracked and wept. Other archons rushed to maintain its surface while Rephath swooped in to care for that which was below and the many who died in this catastrophe.

Second GenerationEdit

The second generation were born of the first, and are lesser in power but still quite potent

The Great Dragon

Archon of strength, independence, mercilessness, power, victory, wealth, success, size, and terror. Son of Kenalo and Karassa.

The Great Dragon's true name is lost to time, and he is referred to by his chosen title. The firstborn of the archons, he sided with his mother in her rebellion against the Creator. The great dragon seeks out people of strength and achievement to be his representatives, and his armies are feared. Given that the Great Dragon encourages his chosen to achieve greatness on their own, he doesn't intervene much in the affairs of mortals. He prefers to watch the greatest of animals and monsters and reward those that he feels show great strength. He also creates a lot of monsters. Most say this is because he wants to encourage people to be great, but the minority opinion is he just likes monsters.


Archon of the wild places, sexuality, nature, virginity, magic, mysteries, and transformation. Daughter Kenalo and Adara.

Cora is the only second generation archon to call herself a god, or so says the one person she actually bothered to explain her opinions to. She manages the wild places and her few followers are usually isolated wanderers who protect nature against encroachment by civilization.


Archon of death, vengeful justice, duty, the afterlife, law, justice, equal and opposite reactions, the depths of the earth, fire, and minerals. Daughter of Aquillus and Rephath.

Rephath is the keeper of the Law of Rephath, a set of rules that she claims come from the creator and explain in no uncertain terms the difference between right and wrong and the penalties for going against the Creator. Most of the dead go to her realm, those that aren't claimed by other archons. She abhors the undead as abominations designed to trap souls in the physical world instead of passing on to the next life where they belong, and to the judgment and reward they deserve.


Archon of deception, trickery, the arts, mercy, creativity, ironic justice, joking, merriment, cleverness, the weak and downtrodden, improvisation, and colors. Son of Aquillus and Adara.

Orrin was the last archon born in the second generation and his name means “least.” He is regarded as being less powerful than even some third generation archons. But despite this, Orrin often comes out on top in his struggles with other archons, even beating out Aquillus on several occasions. Some maintain he makes up for a lack of power with clever planning while others suspect he hides his true power. Orrin simply claims that weakness is his power, something which no one actually believes. Orrin seems not to get along with the other archons much, even fellow expectant, but he really likes the created races and spends a great deal of time with them. His heated relationship with Rephath is something that no one can explain, not even the two of them. Orrin has a habit of undermining Rephath's judgments and helping her victims escape punishment.

Third GenerationEdit

The third generation are the children of the second, born after the fall of Karassa. While the other archons are eager to take part in the great war between the Creator and Karassa, these are mostly content to mind their own business, feud with rivals, and live life as a god. While the third generation archons are numerous and not listed in this book, you will be coming up with one on your own. No archon from the third generation has been able to reproduce.