General population is the basic measure of how many people you have following you. As your city grows, you'll receive more population, and with it your ability and responsibility as an archon will grow. 

Population requires housing. When you construct a zone, you can make it a house, apartment, commune, or some other such building, and it can hold a number of people equal to its rating. Housing can't be used for most other actions, like forging or growing food. 

Population MeasurementEdit

The number of general people you have is your general population. These are all unskilled laborers you have. Your champion and anyone else you have statted out are not included in population. 

Every session, you can roll a number of dice equal to your population for each harvesting skill, and you get the resulting goods. 

While one member of your population might be better at some things than others, another won't be as good, and so it averages out that each member gives you 1 die for each of the available harvest skills. 

One healthy adult corresponds to one population, so one young child and one elderly person who is largely bedridden would be two people, but only one population. 

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